IRLP Node 7816 is Active

Written by HI8CR.

I am happy to informed that the IRLP Node # 7816 is now operational, it is working as a Repeater station on 146.670 Mhz -600 with Tone 100.0, this is the Current working frequency while we test the working order of the Node. The node is finally link to another repeater with longer range that will be in 146.910 Mhz -600 with Tone 100.0 this is covering the entire Southern part of the Dominican Republic as well as 80% of the east as far as Higuey Province.


This second repeater is at the Manaclar, Bani mountain site that is own by Hector Goico, HI8HGP, who has been kind enough to let us place the second repeater at his site. This coming month these two repeater will be joint to a third one that will be place at Santa Helena Mountain in the Province of Barahona Dominican Republic, this repeater will be in 147.000 Mhz +600 Tone 100.0 and will give us Handheld coverage to the deep south of the country.

This is part of an ambitious project that we are trying to put together link several repeater throughout the entire Dominican Republic that any Ham station with a Hand Held Radio would have access to and be withing distance of a IRLP Node.

Please feel free to try the Node and let me know how its working. Thank you and 73's.