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New Repeater in El Murazo, DR. 146.850 -600 T100.0

Written by Alfredo A. Rios C..

I am happy to informed you that we just install a new repeater in El Murazo, Dominican Republic. on 146.850 MHz -600 T 100.0 and it is linked to IRLP node # 7816 incrementing the total coverage of the entire Northern  cost of the Dominican Republic. We currently have confirmed coverage from Jimani at the western tip of the Dominican Territory to the cost line of Higuey at the eastern tip of the country, and from Dajabon on the North-western part of the country to Higuey, that is a very long distance and territory with coverage.

This is part of the expansion of the repeater system of HI8CR, that hope to cover the entire country with IRLP coverage as well as the APRS systems, which we install a Digipeater for APRS in the same location covering the area via 144.390 Mhz with the path Wide1-1,WIDE2-1 for everyone's use.

I hope that you all enjoy the used of the system as much as I have enjoyed planning it and putting it together. 73's and Happy Contacts. Alfredo, HI8CR.


Repeaters Available from HI8CR

Written by Alfredo A. Rios C..

I am happy to inform the list of repeater available to used in the Dominican Republic, and here is a list of Frequencies:

VHF and its different services:

146.670 Mhz. -600 T100.0 In Santo Domingo area with IRLP Node 7816.

146.910 Mhz. -600 T100.0 Linked to IRLP Node 7816 with coverage from Jimani to Higuey, Santiago, San Fco de Macoris.

146.850 Mhz -600 T100.0 in El Murazo, Linked to IRLP Node 7816 with coverage from Dajabon to Higuey and the North to the east area of the DR.

147.120 Mhz. +600 T100.0 Linked to IRLP Node 7816 extending coverage to the west part of the country, from Barahona to Santo Domingo.

147.060 Mhz. -600 T100.0 Linked to Wires II node 1670 and cross band linked to 447.675 Mhz. -5000 T100.0 in La Colonia, San Cristobal. With Coverage from Bani to La Romana, Dominican Republic.

146.670 Mhz. -600 T100.0 Linked to IRLP Node 7905 in Constanza, Dominican Republic. With covarage to central Cibao area.

147.090 Mhz. +600 T100.0 Linked to IRLP Node 7816 in Jamao Norte, Moca Dominican Republic extending coverage of the Cibao area that is currently being tested.

146.850 -600 T100.0 in Manaclar Bani, with coverage from Jimani to Higuey, supplementing the coverage for hand held use, in the southern area of the country.

UHF and its different services:

447.675 Mhz. -5000 T100.0 Linked to Wires II node 1670 covering teh entire city of Santo Domingo, it has a coss-band linked to 147.060 Mhz. +600 T100.0 in La Colonia, San Cristobal extending coverage to the east of the country possible to La Romana, DR.

447.675 Mhz. -5000 T100 linked to Wires II node 1692 in Constanza, Dominican Republic with a cross-band repeater to 146.790 Mhz. -600 T100.0 in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. With extensive coverage to the Central Cibao area.

447.775 -5000 T100.0 Link Repeater for all of the repeaters linked to IRLP Node 7816.

I hope that everyone used the services available in the Dominican Republic. any further information please do not hesitate to contact me directly. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it








IRLP Node 7816 is Active

Written by HI8CR.

I am happy to informed that the IRLP Node # 7816 is now operational, it is working as a Repeater station on 146.670 Mhz -600 with Tone 100.0, this is the Current working frequency while we test the working order of the Node. The node is finally link to another repeater with longer range that will be in 146.910 Mhz -600 with Tone 100.0 this is covering the entire Southern part of the Dominican Republic as well as 80% of the east as far as Higuey Province.



Written by HI8CR.

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I have been involved with Radio Communication since 1979, when I first got a CB Radio with 23 channels, I was hook since then, I just thought that was the greatest thing in the world and made contact all over with the Radio, it was so long ago that I do not even remember the brand of the radio but i think that it was Realistic, but I am not sure.

I have been a license Ham Operator since 1980, my first callsing was HI8ART as a technician, then after a log time operating that callsing I went for my General license in 1998, and I have had that call since then, I am now up for a reclassification of my license and could get just one letter.