WIRES II Available in the Dominican Republic

Written by Alfredo A. Rios C..

Here is a list of available Wires II nodes in the Dominican Republic and it's frequencies:

HI8EES, Node #1512 in Santo Domingo, DR. 146.500 T.79.5 in QSO room #0173.

HI8CR, Node #1670 in Santo Domingo, DR. 447.675 T100.00 with QSO Room #0170.

HI8CR Node #1646 is not currently active and has QSO Room #0169.

HI6JHV Node #1692 in Constanza, DR. 147.900 Mhz. T100.0 Linked to 447.675 Mhz. -5000 T100.0

HI8LEZ Node #??? in Arroyo Hondo, Santo Domingo, DR. 144.900 T100.0

HI8LEZ-2 Node #??? Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo, DR. 147.500 T100.0

HI8LEZ-3 Node #??? Puerto Plata, DR. 146.550 T100.0

HI8LEZ-7 Node # ??? Higuey, DR. 146.550 T100.0

HI7MC Node #??? La Romana, DR. 146,800 T100

HI3DX, Node # ???Hotel India DX Club, Santiago,DR. 147.500 Mhz. T100.0

HI8AEN-KP4 Node #??? Primer Wires en Puerto Rico, 144.600 Mhz. T100